This is the amusing story about the Kiss Fly, a story with lots of question marks. The picture on the left hand-side shows the female Kiss Fly (Platystoma seminationis). The about 7 mm little fly lives in the area of hedges and the outskirts of the forest, in vegetation that is knee-high or flatter. In some years, you can see it very often there, in others rather rarely.
The unimpressive fly doesn`t really have an English name, but only a Latin indication (Platystoma seminationis). It is a member of the genus Platystomatidae. The German name "Kiss Fly" is my idea, because of its very flashy behaviour during its courtship ritual. In last years, I have witnessed this ritual repeatedly, which I will show you now in this story.

The male fly flies around between grasses and low leaves of shrubs searching for a female fly. When it has discovered one, it circles the female in a sideways position, the latter hereupon reacting with the same movement.

So the picture story continues:
- Courtship dance of Kiss Fly
- Copula
- Why is the fly "Kiss Fly"?

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