Marvel, enjoy and understand - animal stories which are moving!

Here you will find popular scientific photo reports about the life styles of various animals such as wild bees, wasps, bugs, beetles, ants, lions or flies, but also spiders or birds.

The reports show the biodiversity of our natural environment. Be amazed by the often perplexing behavior of indigenious animals and their interrelationships as well as to their environment.

The images are all available in professional quality and high resolution.

Net-winged insects (Neuroptera)

Ameisenlöwe Euroleon nostras auf Sand


LEO - Der Ameisenlöwe

Reportage über den "König des Sandhaufens"



An apartment in the reeds

How the fly Lipara lucens builds apartments in the reeds.


The dancing "Kiss Fly" (Platystoma seminationis)

Interesting courtship ritual of an inconspicuous fly.

Bees (Wild Bees) & Wasps

Die Heuschreckensandwespe Sphex funerarius


SPHEX - Der Riese unter den Grabwespen (Sphex funerarius)

Sie ist die größte heimische Grabwespe - und jagt die größten Heuschrecken! 



Die Schmuckgrabwespe Dinetus pictus (Sichelwanzen-Grabwespe)

DINETUS - Die Wespe mit dem Gummifaden-Effekt

Sie ist die schnellste Nestbauerin unter allen Grabwespen - Dinetus pictus!


Hard work for a single egg - black-banded spider wasp Anoplius viaticus

Wasp versus spider - the incredible breeding behavior of the black-banded spider wasp Anoplius viaticus.


Die Ameisensichelwanze Himacerus mirmicoides (Mimikry)


Mathilda, die Ameisenwanze

Interessante Reportage über eine perfekte (Doppel-)Mimikry

Die Wanze Graue Dicknase - Macrotylus herrichi

Der Irrtum der Grauen Dicknase

Was nun - Allesfresser, Vegetarier oder Vegane?


A Variety ...

The spectacular courtship dance of a small jumping spider male. Further to the report.


Small Package - Big Punch (The jumping spider Aelurillus v-insignitus)

The spectacular courtship dance of a small jumping spider male Aelurillus v-insignitus.


Pass in review - The Ringed Plover

The courtship of the Ringed Plover.


Pheasants Dance - Phasianus colchicus

About the aesthetics of masculine aspirations (Photo-Report).